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   Over 120 Years of Refining a Lifestyle  

NEPTUNE GROOMING™ has been on my mind for the past couple of years...  Hi, my name is Rich Norris.  I’m the creator of NEPTUNE GROOMING PRODUCTS™, Cherry Hill, NJ.

I have been in the business of Hair for well over a decade and counting.  After working with many products as a professional Stylist and a full time Master Barber, I had yet to find the right

products for MEN.  And that's why I



“Please EXPLORE our products

first hand, and you will experience

our extreme quality for yourself.” 

Thank You & Enjoy your Journey!

Now let us find out what manner of men went down to the sea in whaling ships and suffered the rigors and risks of this life in the years about 1820-1860. There was much diversity in the ships engaged in the trade; their captains were still more varied in character, so differences naturally extended to the crews. Human nature presents an infinite series of grades between its extreme types, and there is no doubt that the whale-ships provided choice examples of all of them.


By 1894 the trade changed and the captains became Yachtsmen. Their crews followed course.

NEPTUNE GROOMING PRODUCTS™ celebrates these men and their fashions that have moved into today.  Our NEPTUNE FOR MEN  product line supports the newer styles of Today’s Man. NEPTUNE GROOMING™ offers the BEST products in the market today.  Explore our Line, and you will be amazed by the RESULTS!    Have a GREAT DAY, Refining your LIFESTYLE!

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